Saturday, February 27, 2010

Saturday 27th February 2010

I've lost another 1/2 kilo, making my weight 83.1kg. A total loss of 6.9kgs

Well, this week was the last day at Boot camp, at the time it didn't feel like the hardest workout that the Sarge has ever given us because we had a group of women come down to see what it was all about so I think the Sarge was taking it a bit easy as not to scare them away.

But when I woke up the next morning EVERYTHING hurt and it still hurt till this morning. I had a talk to my trainer on Friday and we couldn't do a full evaluation because I had just come out of an RPM class so thing like muscle mass was inaccurate. so we are going to leave for another 5 weeks (31/2/10) to do a full evaluation and change of program. I have decided to do Body Combat to replace Boot camp and I'll alternate them on a monthly basis.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

21st February 2010

Well 3 weeks ago I had my fitness valuation done to discover that absolutely nothing had changed since the last one, except I had lost 0.01% fat. So my trainer and I came up with a radical shakeup of my fitness regime, hoping that would get things moving again, I hate platues. So from that week on for 4 weeks my week consists of- Monday: Body Pump and Pilates, Tuesday: Rest day, Wednesday: Boot camp, Thursday: Weights (high weights, low reps) and Friday: RPM.

The first two weeks my weight had actually increased to 84.7kg but I started getting a lot of compliments about the way I looked, everyone thought I had lost heaps of weight. This last week I have come down to 83.6kg and I am finally feeling the weight that is coming off. I had to go and get some new 3/4 pants because everything I own was so baggy. I am now officially a size 16!!!

I am so relieved that all the work I am doing is finally paying off because for the last 3 weeks I HAVE HURT. Not the bad hurt where you can't move but the good hurt where you know that you have worked the hard yards. At Boot camp I've been made to run (which is something I can't do well). We have exercised in extreme heat , in the rain and mud and commando crawled through wet grass and mud and we have all gotten raw elbows and knees.
But I just love the since of achievement I feel after every session. With the RPM classes I knew I would love it but it's not ride in the park. It's a hard slog and I have a renewed respect for cyclists. I am finding my asthma has improved greatly since I started the class.

On Friday I will have completed my 4 week stint and will be having another valuation done plus I will need to find something to replace Boot Camp with as I can't afford to do it every month. I am fairly certain that this time we will see some changes, so I'll keep you updated.
There is the Boot Camp group, I'm the one in the middle.
Next week I'll update my photo for you too.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

22nd January 2010

Well I reached my goal this week- 83.7kgs, a loss of 1/2 a kilo. In a week that I knew I would have some challengers I succeeded! This week it was my daughter's birthday and we have a tradition in my family where the birthday person chooses what we have for dinner. True to form our 11 year old picked Mac's, well I went up to get it so I could have so sort of control but their menus are so limited. They do have a couple of burgers that have the heart foundations tick of approval but if you want them without the cheese, which would actually be more healthy they won't do it because "it would compromise their tick status"so I was forced to have a regular burger. We also had a BBQ with a bunch of other Heartkid parents but due to life it was just our family and another which meant we had BBQ food for 3 days. I also missed out on 2 gym sessions. I knew over the weekend I had relaxed in my weight loss goals so for the rest of the week I made sure I really was aware of what I ate and I really pushed myself at the gym and you know what it paid off. This following week I have 2 more parties to go to and I am going to adopt the same set of princables. By next Friday I will weigh 83.2kgs but I would really love to be in the 82s. We'll see.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

15th January 2010

Wohoo, I lost 800grams this week, making me 84.2kg. I'm back on track. Next week's goal is 83.7kg, a loss of 1/2 kilo, anything more is a bonus. I have really impressed myself with my exercise ethics. Last week when I start back on the weights after a month away I was determined not to drop the weights or reps back to accommodate for the time away. It hurt, really hurt but I did it and now, next week I'm going to increase the weights. My trainer had asked me at my last program adjustment to try and do some Hang Legs. That is where you hold your body in a frame just leaning on your elbows with the rest of your body hanging down. Then you slowly lift you legs up to your chest. Before Christmas the most I could do is 2 and half. Well last night after I had done my weight session I decided to give it another go and low and behold I did 7! I think quiet often we really underestimate what our bodies are capable of doing.

Friday, January 8, 2010

8th January 2010

It's been quiet a while since my last post, but in my business the Christmas session truly is the silly season! Working extremely long hours, alot in to the wee hours of the morning and being a full time parent to children home from school due to holidays meant that somethings had to take a back seat and my weight loss efforts where one of them. But now in the new year and new decade the journey begins again.
Over this lapse of time I came out faring quiet well considering all the festive activities that come with Christmas and the New Year season- I only gained 1kg and are now sitting on 85kg. I have booked myself in for a re-valuation of my fitness progress on the 29th of this months, which is 2 months since my last one. I have 38 weeks left of my challenge which means that basically I will need to lose just over 1/2 kilo a week- 84.5kgs here I come.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Week Seven

Week Seven

I didn't record any weight loss this week, it's the first time so I was feeling quiet down this morning. But I had my appointment with Belinda at the gym for my first fitness evaluation since starting at the gym. My body Fat percent went from 45% to 43%, my Muscle mass stayed about the same at 46% which was fantastic. It means all the weight I've lost has been purely fat! My Visceral Fat (fat around the organs) went from a 10 to a 9. This one was the most surprising of them all, I was already at the top end of the healthy range which is between 1 and 12 but Belinda told me that she normally doesn't see this change until after three months, for me, it was 6 weeks!

So you can see from these photos that it's coming off. Totally lost my boobs, so typical, they could have stayed. But I have also lost most of my tummy so now people don't ask me if I'm pregnant! Belinda has now 'twigged' my weights program a little so that's sure to hurt next week.

But it's all good and hopefully next week we'll see more weight loss but I am due to have my contraceptive needle in a couple of weeks and I have heard from other ladies on the same one as me that their weight loss was really hard around the time they were coming up to their shots so we'll see. Fingers crossed.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Week Six
Since I now weigh in on a Friday this has been a longer week and I have lost 1.1kg ( approx 2 1/2 pounds). But a week full for of hurdles. My eldest son Davin has been diagnosed with a learning disability which could turn into AHAD and because he wasn't diagnosed till after he started school we can't access the hospital system and have to go private. But at least we now have something to work with.
We also celebrated my little brother's engagement to Tina, a day I never thought would happen. So happy for them. But of course that was a event full of food and drinks, where I had little say in, tried to eat healthily but it wasn't easy.
The next day Sunday we all went to Fun Flight Day and enjoyed a joy flight. It was the kids first time up in a plane and it was such an enjoyable day but again lunch & drinks were provided so again I had little say in what to eat.

I also had Davin home with tonsillitis for two days so wasn't able to go to the gym as much as normal, but I did put in an extra effort on the days I did, in a bid to make up for it.

I am sure the following weeks leading up to Christmas are going to just as challenging as life becomes more social and my business becomes more busy. I can't wait till next Friday as I have my first fitness evaluation since starting, look out for a new photo. If I never, never give up I WILL succeed.